Gratuities Accepted

Hello… I create open source software and media to make the world better. Tips are appreciated and are used for reconstitution of the economy and infrastructure and to enable further production of open source solutions.

The 2020 Reconstitution Project is to create a virtual Metropolitan District that can devise open source signs and guides that can help rural villages better respond to the COVID-19 challenges. Please feel free to use the signs posted here:

The 2020 Infrastructure Project is continuing to restore a Historic downtown area built in the 1890’s to bring it back to its unique grandeure.

Skylab Research — “Where the Future was Yesterday, and Tomorrow is Today!” — provides forward-thinking data analytics, publications, and helper apps which support sustainable prosperous economic activity while maintaining rural and natural habitat-based lifestyles.

To say “thanks for making that” and to help fund further research and development, please drop any amount in the tip jar represented by this PayPal account:

Thank you!

Chad Smith
Contributor, Open Source Software
Founder, Skylab Research