Music and Performances

This event was held in 2018


This event was held in 2018.

Friday July 20
4:00pm Kirby
4:00-6:00 School of Music– presented by Crooked Tree Arts Center
6:00-8:00 Craig Cotrill Band
8:00-10:00 The Marsupials– presented by Antiques Art & Collectibles
Saturday July 21
10:00-12:00 Kirby
12:00-2:00 Bruce Smith
2:00-4:00 Eliza Thorp
4:00-6:00 Hardy Dam Ramblers– presented by Blissfest
6:00-8:00 Galactic Sherpas– presented by Antiques Art & Collectibles
Sunday July 22
10:00-12:00 Marty Ward with Dharma & Grace Yoga by Heidi.
Join us for Saxophone Sunday with yoga!
12:00-2:00 Chris Koury
2:00-4:00 Ryan Peters
4:00-6:00 Pistil Whips– presented by Antiques Art & Collectibles

Musical performances are on the stage behind the Community Center.

Performers and schedule subject to change.

Featured Artists

Yoga and Saxophone in the Fairgrounds Garden

Experience yoga in the garden with Heidi with Marty Ward on Saxophone.

Experience graceful yoga with Heidi to the soulful saxophone music of Marty Ward. Enjoy a beautiful morning in the gardens behind the Community Center at the Emmet County Fairgrounds.

Sunday July 22 10:00am-12noon. For the latest information see the Facebook Event.

Thank you to Heidi Dietrich ( and Marty Ward for the great start to “Saxophone Sunday” at the fairgrounds featuring Marty at 10:00 in the morning and then later the fabulous Pistil Whips at 4:00pm. Enjoy the marketplace, art-making, food and music all day. Join us for this family friendly fundraiser to bring music and art to schools.

Thank you for supporting music and art in education and in life!

Chris Koury





Great vibe!


Pistil Whips








You will tap your feet.

Craig Cotrill Band














Listen close and you’ll hear your past, your future, and everything in between.

The Marsupials





One of Northern Michigan’s most popular uprising bands:
The Marsupials!






Kirby sings like an angel and says good stuff too.

Galactic Sherpas






The ever-popular Galactic Sherpas will make your heart dance even if your feet don’t!

Hardy Dam Rambles










Sponsored by BlissFest, the Hardy Dam Ramblers play some mean fiddle and strings. Wow!

Ryan Peters







Ryan Peters: “It all has a meaning and cycles back to the relaying theme of time and the life journey.”

Eliza Thorp





Eliza Thorpe will perform her usual magic. Lovely!